Tuesday, August 30, 2022


I'm thrilled that this pastel work, titled "Smoke",  has been getting plenty of exposure. It was accepted into the Purely Pastel Juried Exhibition in May, and was on the walls at Neilson Park Creative Centre for three weeks. Then in August I was chuffed to receive notice that it had been chosen for display at the Ontario Legislature Buildings (in the Members' Dining Room) for the Art √† La Carte Program. It will be on view there until next August. 

 Wednesday Portrait Drawing

When the Pandemic locked us down, I began to run an online Portrait Drawing session every other Wednesday morning. Participants took turns being the model while the rest of drew. It has been a rewarding exercise and we have plans to continue this Fall. The last portrait here is a self-portrait. I joined a Facebook group called Self-Portrait Sunday - also formed during Lockdown -  and actively participated for about a year before I got tired of scrutinizing myself so closely each week. Drawings are done in colour pencil and graphite. The colour piece is watercolour.

 Painting Flowers

This acrylic painting was a demo created in class. The emphasis was on shape/form and texture. I began with a base of modeling paste, textured with brushes and mark-making tools. 9"x12"

 Painting Flowers

After a series of drawing exercises featuring Sunflowers, done from photo reference, I worked with the same loose, gestural strokes to create this 24"x 30" mixed media/acrylic painting.

 Infinite Sunflowers

Quick, expressive drawings and Blind Contour drawings of Sunflowers. Done in conté. Colour added later. A series of exercises to explore composition and mark-making.


New Work

Mark-making, textures and working with  Pastel colours, water-soluble Graphite, and Acrylics to create this expressive work riffing on floral drawings.