Thursday, December 10, 2020

Portrait Artist of the Week Challenge

On Sundays I've been enjoying the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Week broadcast (I access it through Facebook on the page of the same name). A 4-hour conversation between a Portrait Artist and a celebrity sitter whilst the Painter paints. The rest of the world (me included) grabs screenshots of the sitter and paints or draws them at leisure and posts them on social media - hoping to be graced with a 'like' from the fine folks at SkyArts! 
Above from top to bottom: Jon Snow - Journalist, in Water-soluble pencil crayons
Jon Snow in Pastel,
Russell Tovey - Actor, in Water-soluble pencils,
Leslie Garrett - English Soprano, in Water-soluble Pencils.
 I didn't discover this until the current series was almost done. It has been immensely fun.

 2020 - The Year of the Self Portrait

This crazy COVID year has been one of gazing into a reflective surface - be it a computer screen, window or mirror. I've done an unprecedented number of Self-Portraits in all moods, methods and media. Facebook has several Self-Portrait groups - I've been participating in Self Portrait Sundays - limited to posting only on Sundays. Media used here is Pastel, Acrylics and one Watercolour. 

New Work from the iPad

I've been teaching online classes in Drawing on your iPad, through Visual Art Mississauga. We work in SketchesPro and Procreate - two wonderfully innovative and versatile apps.
Some of the above pieces are analogue drawings that have been further worked on in one or the other app, and others are drawings done on the iPad. The last one (SelfPortrait) was done with a brush I created for my Brush studio.