Monday, March 26, 2007

"I Can't Come Out" by Helen
Yeah, it's a sappy title - I'll use the 'Gary Larson excuse' - "It Was Late and I Was Tired".
Pen and Ink with wash.
"Aragula" by Helen
Aragula, Guardian of the Garden, is a doll made of various pieces of wood from my garden: Lilac arms, maple legs, a pine bodyand head, and forsythia fingers. The face is acrylic modeling paste, painted over with acrylic paint. The hair is paper ribbon and strips of bark. Polyfilla was poured into her fabric boots & the legs set in so she would stand freely. Her clothing is hand-made - the bodice is a rough linen and the skirt and sleeves are polyester drapery fabric (which I know isn't very natural - but the colour & 'drape' worked for me).

"Patchwork Dogs" by Helen
This is four in a series of twelve patchwork pieces designed for a calendar. The 'quilts' are all approximately 10 " x 14" and machine stitched and quilted. I chose the dogs for physical elements that appealed to me - not necessarily for the breed.

"Dress-Up" by Helen
Pencil Drawing scanned and coloured in Adobe Photoshop.

"Ogre and Friend" by Helen
This is a small (3") figurine made out of Das Pronto modeling clay and painted with acrylics. The basket and rock are 'found'.

"Nutcracker" by Helen
"Give Me Shelter" by Helen
Christmas Card design.

"Hitched" by Helen

Club Oz by Helen
This cartoon dates itself. Many years ago Club Med was doing TV ads showing 30 seconds of beautiful people splashing on beautiful beaches. When my folks went Downunder, it seemed a being in the eye of the beholder.

He's a Real Son of a Helen
Clothespeg Doll by Helen

Baby Card by Helen

Friday, March 23, 2007

"Tall Book of Make-Believe" by Helen
This is a 3-D Acrylic and Mixed media piece (14"x18"). It's a multi-layered work inspired by an iconic children's anthology of the same name and by some of the imagery in the 2007 Spanish movie, "Pan's Labyrinth". It's a sort of a hybrid "pop-up book" with one spread and since it's not designed to close (anymore), I cheated a bit on the pop-out features - they would just get squished if the page closed.
"Missed You!" by Helen