Sunday, January 13, 2013

 Pastel Study
 Pencil Crayon Study
Pencil Crayon Study
I enjoy building up the colours for these fall leaf studies - the rich colours beg to be drawn.
Early One Morning
Pastel on Bamboo paper. Working with some different colours - all those luscious pinks and burgundies!
A friend agreed to model for our drawing class. This was done with a Lyra Graphite Crayon in my sketchbook. 
 Partial Blind Contour
I love the quality of the line in blind and partial blind contour drawings. Practising this form has improved my 'seeing' and drawing a great deal. 
Blind Contour
Done in sanguine FaberCastell archival marker in my sketchbook.
Cool Weather Makes Her Frisky
This won a People's Choice award at Neilson Park's 'Falling Leaves' Show in November. I was pleased to capture the incipient insanity of our lovely dog - a Shepherd/Lab mix. 
Pastel on ColourFix paper.
Pastel Chair
This piece was done on 400grit sandpaper. I was playing with some different surfaces. This was nice to work on, though it needs to be mounted on a board because the paper is so flimsy. It allowed some lush layering of the pastels.

Quick Sketches
A young friend sat for my drawing class a few times. These were from my sketchbook using a graphite crayon. Its size keeps me from obsessing about details. These were a good likeness, which I'm pleased about, but also nice and loose.