Saturday, January 14, 2017

Variations on the Theme of Rust
These are prints made from a rusty plate I found whilst walking one day. It was conveniently square and I beveled the edges so it wouldn't cut through the paper. I took a couple of 'blind prints' - without colour - which turned out great, but don't translate well in a photo. These were experimental pieces - I'm an occasional dabbler in printmaking. I love the process, but have trouble keeping things clean - not  a technician! 
I played first with water-soluble graphite - I like the Lyra-brand crayons because they're nice and dark. Then I added Inktense crayon colours, mixing them up with the graphite. The results were lovely and subtle - like granite rock or lichen. 

 I finished up with Akua Intaglio inks, first the magenta, then the Paynes Grey - taking two prints from each without re-inking between pulls. 
It was a happy and fortuitous day in the studio, just messing about with colour. 
These samples are just a few of several prints I made from this plate. Later, I may work into the surface, but I really enjoy the aesthetic of 'the found'.

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