Thursday, December 10, 2020

New Work from the iPad

I've been teaching online classes in Drawing on your iPad, through Visual Art Mississauga. We work in SketchesPro and Procreate - two wonderfully innovative and versatile apps.
Some of the above pieces are analogue drawings that have been further worked on in one or the other app, and others are drawings done on the iPad. The last one (SelfPortrait) was done with a brush I created for my Brush studio.  

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Janice Low said...

Helen, looking forward to learning with you in April through the two hour course from the Pumphouse. Using my iPad for art is totally new for me. I have downloaded Sketches and bought the Apple Pencil. Hopefully I will use some play time to get a bit familiar with the tools. See you virtually in about a month.
Janice Low