Sunday, May 18, 2014

Playing with Media

I was asked to teach a Figurative Drawing class at Neilson Park Creative Centre with a mandate of exploration and experimenting with different media and addressing artistic ideas - concept, design, etc - something right up my alley! This is the second session and I'm having so much fun. These are pieces done either as samples or growing out of the experimenting. 

Derwent Inktense watercolour sticks on watercolour paper. The image was drawn on dry paper and I used water once I was able to control the media back home in my studio.

Pastel on raw canvas. I used very soft Diana Townsend and Sennelier pastels - really like the feel of them on the canvas. I ironed over them with a steam iron on a piece of scrap cloth to set the pastel into the canvas. I plan to explore this technique more fully when time allows.

Warm colours in the foreground, cool colours in the back. Pastel added to fast gestures after the fact. Soft pastel (Rembrandt) on Manilla paper.

Inktense sticks on watercolour paper. I saturated the paper with the crayons as much as I could (dry) so I could get really dark areas when I wet the paper. Then puddled the water and blew the colour into the white areas of paper. I enjoy the feel of drawing with the Inktense and then playing with it as watercolour in the studio.

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